Teodora Petkova – The Brave New Text: Perspectives on Web Writing

Teodora Petkova and I had a fascinating discussion about the ways web writing is shaping how consumers, creatives, and marketers are both creating and consuming on the web. Her excellent book The Brave New Text: Perspectives on Web Writing offers some helpful food for thought on our intertextual nature and the beautiful dynamics of the semantic networks created by our texts online.

About the Book:  The Brave New Text is a collection of essays with perspectives on web writing. With eyes wide open to our intertextual nature, it looks at texts and the beautiful dynamics of the semantic networks they create and are created by online.

The Brave New Text talks about textuality as the transformative power that augments and enhances the way we communicate, exchange, experience, and explore thoughts, ideas, goods.

The book is meant to inspire you to look at web writing and text anew. Each essay thinks through the webby word from the perspectives of semantic technologies, intertextuality, and knowledge discovery. It is also an invitation to see texts on the web as webs themselves, as processes that change us, word by word, link by link.

Use The Brave New Text as a:

  • Conceptual tool – to gain a deeper understanding of how the Semantic Web is transforming the way we create and consume content.
  • Peephole – to peek into some possible and plausible futures of content writing.
  • Magnifying glass – to see text on the web in its tiniest detail and principles.
  • Starting point of your own roadmap towards your best web writing practices.

About the Author:  Teodora Petkova is a philologist fascinated by the metamorphoses of text on the Web, who is endlessly curious about the ways the Semantic Web unfolds. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Sofia University, exploring how content writing is changing, changing us, and the way we think, write, and live.

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