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Encountering the Presence of God in the Elements of Creation (feat. David Edwards)

David Edwards Mystify
David Edwards joins me in this episode to share some of his personal encounters where he's experienced the presence of God in the elements of creation. *Earth: A house vibrates in the presence of God. *Wind: The wind of the Spirit blows through gatherings and churches. *Fire: Lightning strikes and a pillar of fire appears. *Water: A mist of rain inside a building. Extraordinary miracles flow as heaven touches earth, setting the table for you to experience creation encounters. You'll marvel at some of the things David has experienced, but the exciting thing is that these God encounters can become a regular part of your life too. God longs for you to spend more time in His presence.

How Does Our Role and Purpose Change in This Season – The Blacksmith Chronicles Bonus Episode

How Does Our Role and Purpose Change in This Season - The Blacksmith Chronicles Bonus Episode
This is a special episode of The Shaun Tabatt Show because we’re featuring an episode of Destiny Image author Ryan Johnson’s amazing show The Blacksmith Chronicles. Ryan and Shaun dive into the reality that there is a significant change being presented within the Body of Christ. How does our role and purpose change due to the current environment we are experiencing? What can we learn and how can we apply it as individuals, leaders, and the Body of Christ? This episode won't answer all your questions, but it will give you a different aspect and insight to help equip you for the days ahead.

Phil Hopper – Using the Full Armor of God to Defeat the Enemy

Phil Hopper - Weapons of our Warfare
Pastor and author Phil Hopper joins me in this episode to talk about the real spiritual battle going on in the unseen realm. In the natural, the attacks of the enemy tend to manifest in things like shame, guilt, anxiety, and addiction. When we put on the full armor of God, we can claim our victory and demolish the enemy's work in our life. Take charge and defeat the enemy today!

Rodney Hogue – How to Break Free from Demonic Strongholds

Rodney Hogue - Liberated
Rodney Hogue didn’t believe that Christians could be oppressed by demons, but one day, the Holy Spirit revealed that he was being oppressed by a demonic spirit. In disgust, Rodney commanded the demon to leave in Jesus’ name. To his surprise, it did! Since then, he’s been driven by a passion to see others set free from spiritual strongholds, and brought into a powerful encounter with the love, freedom, and healing of Jesus!