Brandon Webb – Practical Advice from Special Operations and Military Veterans on How to Weather Coronavirus and Other Disasters

New York Times bestselling author Brandon Webb returns to the podcast to share about a new resource created by the SOFREP team that outlines practical ways you can prepare to weather the Coronavirus pandemic and future disasters. Brandon shares some of the hard-earned business lessons he learned running his company in 2019 and we also discuss the way forward for small businesses who will be harshly impacted by the inevitable economic fallout in the weeks and months ahead.

Derek Gilbert – Facing a Future Shaped by the COVID-19 Pandemic

SkyWatch TV’s Derek Gilbert joins me for a discussion about the future we’re facing, which has unavoidably been shaped by the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. His team has been closely monitoring and reporting on this story since a mystery pneumonia was reported back in December 2019. Derek also shares boots on the ground feedback from his contacts in both China and South Korea. We hope this conversation will both inform and encourage you.