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Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson (feat. Ron Dart)

Ron Dart - Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson
Ron Dart joins me on The Shaun Tabatt Show to discuss his new book Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson: A Christian Perspective. Both critical and charitable, sober-minded and generous, this collection of ten essays is a key resource for those looking to faithfully engage with Jordan Peterson's thought.

Revealing God’s Heart to Heal (feat. Bob Yandian)

Bob Yandian - The Grace of Healing
Do you have questions about divine healing? How does it work? What is required? How much faith is necessary? In this interview, Pastor Bob Yandian shares practical and straight-to-the-point biblical teaching that balances the elements of grace and faith. You're invited to step into the healing you’ve been waiting for by discovering the missing ingredient of God's grace!

Imprisoned with ISIS (feat. Petr Jasek)

Petr Jasek - Imprisoned with ISIS
As a child, Petr Jasek watched Soviet tanks roll through the streets of his village in Czechoslovakia, taking the country by force and subjecting it to decades of Communist oppression. Petr grew up in the underground church and benefitted from financial help and Bibles smuggled in to his family. As an adult living in the free Czech Republic, Petr chose to begin serving persecuted Christians—especially in Islamist hotspots in Africa and the Middle East. In 2015, he was arrested in Sudan, convicted as an enemy of the state, and sentenced to life in prison, where he was forced to share a group cell with ISIS terrorists. The true story of what God did in and through Petr has already inspired tens of thousands around the world. Now, for the first time, Petr tells the whole story.

Jodie Hughes – Throne Room Declarations that Release Supernatural Answers to Prayer

Jodie Hughes - The Kings Decree
Across the globe, we're in a season where it's going to take God-sized solutions to solve the problems we're facing. My friend Jodie Hughes is going to show you how to step into a major upgrade in your prayer life, so you can use your voice to speak the life of Heaven into situations that are being hindered by darkness and oppression. When you pray the words of Heaven, God will transform the earth!

Kyle Greenwood – Dictionary of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages

Kyle Greenwood - Dictionary of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages
It's an honor to welcome Kyle Greenwood to the podcast to share about the Dictionary of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages. This handy resource provides: -Definitions of nearly 100 grammatical terms based on their English usage -Explanations of how terms are used in Greek and Hebrew -An easy-to-use quick reference tool for beginner, intermediate, and advanced biblical language students -A useful aid to exegesis -Alphabetical organization