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Searching for the Image of God in a Digital Age (feat. Craig Detweiler)

Craig Detweiler Selfies
Craig Detweiler, a nationally known writer & speaker & an avid social media user, examines the selfie phenomenon, placing selfies within the long history of self-portraits in art, literature, & photography. He shows how self-portraits change our perspective of ourselves & each other in family dynamics, education, & discipleship. Challenging us to push past unhealthy obsessions with beauty, wealth, & fame, Detweiler helps us to develop a thoughtful, biblical perspective on selfies & social media.

Putty Putman – The School of Kingdom Ministry Origin Story

Putty Putman - School of Kingdom Ministry Origin Story
In this episode, I sit down with my brother-in-law Putty Putman to unpack how God chose a "Baptist boy" and used him to launch a school that has trained 6,000 plus people across the globe to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and usher in the Kingdom wherever they go, which was something he didn't believe was even possible when this all got started. You don't want to miss this classic episode pulled from the Author Talks vault.

Conquering Autism Through the Power of God’s Word (feat. Angeletta Giles)

Angeletta Giles - Take Authority Over Autism
At age 4, Londyn Giles was diagnosed with autism. Doctors said that she would never talk or function normally. But by the power of God, Londyn was miraculously healed! Today, she is happily functioning in a normal classroom, has lots of friends, and loves to share her testimony of supernatural healing! You don't want to miss this powerful conversation with Angeletta Giles!

How to Maximize Reported Book Sales for Bestseller List Consideration (feat. Erik Ernstrom)

Erik Ernstrom - How to Maximize Reported Book Sales for Bestseller List Consideration
With the demise of Lifeway and Family Christian brick and mortar bookstores, the Christian book industry has seen a massive decline in reporting stores over the past few years. In this episode, I'm joined by The Parable Group's Erik Ernstrom for a helpful discussion of the ways authors and ministries can ensure their sales are being recorded from as many channels as possible for inclusion in BookScan data and rankings for bestseller lists.

Your Invitation to Access and Release Heaven’s Provision (feat. Adrian Beale)

Adrian Beale - Kingdom Mysteries Hidden in Plain Sight
Are you living up to your supernatural potential? Many Christians live their lives in a spiritual desert, never witnessing the incredible things that Jesus promised. This is because they are unaware of their kingdom inheritance and the supernatural access that His death has provided! In this interview, Adrian Beale, co-author of the international bestseller, The Divinity Code will share some of the insights he's gathered over a lifetime of walking with God. He'll show you how to move beyond the religious rhetoric surrounding the kingdom so you can begin accessing all that Jesus promised!