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Discover The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Your Success at Work and Home (feat. Thalma Lobel)

Thalma Lobel - Whatever Works
Did you know that just doodling in a certain way can increase your creativity? That looking at something green for forty seconds will improve your attention? That the mere presence of a smartphone on your desk can lessen your performance, even if it's turned off? These are the invisible factors that nudge our behavior on a daily basis, and combined, have a real and significant bearing on our success-or failure-at work and home. I know you're going to enjoy this fascinating conversation with internationally renowned psychologist Thalma Lobel.

Unlock the Critical Marketing Skill That Can Make or Break Your Success (feat. Stu Heinecke)

Stu Heinecke - Get The Meeting
You don't have to spend a ton of money to garner attention. In this interview, Stu Heinecke and I discuss great contact marketing campaigns centered around items ranging from a block of wood, a cupcake, and even a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, we look at what the movies Hitch and Contact can teach us about contact marketing, and we discuss one specific campaign that had a 35,000 times return on investment.

Episode 299: Jamie Mustard – Mastering the Art and Science of Standing Out [podcast]

299 - Jamie Mustard - The Iconist
I know you're going to enjoy this deep dive with author and branding expert Jamie Mustard. We explore his powerful story of coming out of abject poverty and learning challenges to graduating from the London School of Economics. Jamie always felt hidden and overlooked in his youth, which allowed him to build a keen sense of observation while he tried to figure out how to successfully navigate his shifting environments. Combining his keen observation skills with the modeling and systems he learned in economics, he developed a repeatable process that will help you identify the iconic elements that will make your brand, product, talk, company, and anything else imaginable both timeless and memorable. Don't miss your chance to sit at the feet of the master and learn this superpower. It will change the way you view your audience . . . and the entire world around you.