Spencer Klavan – How to Save the West

Spencer Klavan makes his 1st appearance on The Shaun Tabatt Show to share about his excellent book How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises.


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It has been proclaimed many times, but perhaps never more convincingly than now when every news cycle seems to deliver further confirmation of a world gone mad.

Is this the endgame? Have we come to closing time in the West?

Author Spencer Klavan is a classicist, with a Ph.D. from Oxford, and a deep understanding of the West. His analysis: The situation is dire. But every crisis we face today, we have faced before. And we can surmount each one.

In his new book How to Save the West, Klavan brings to the West’s defense the insights of Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, and the Founding Fathers to show that in the wisdom of the past lies hope for the future. That wisdom can improve our own lives and the lives of those around us—and ultimately save the West.

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