Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking (feat. Josh Peck)

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There is a sinister wickedness encompassing our country. It doesn’t fit any profile, doesn’t lend to predictability, and strikes without warning. While it may sound familiar, very few understand how deep it goes. Child sex trafficking is only the beginning. Never before has a documentary dared to expose the true depths of this occult evil. After watching this film, you will never be the same.

Don’t miss my powerful conversation with filmmaker Josh Peck about his brand new documentary Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking.

About Josh Peck: Josh Peck is the host of Into The Multiverse, where he dissects cutting-edge science and physics, and co-host of Chalk Talk with Donna Howell, a weekly program that tackles tough questions from the Bible.

Josh is an avid researcher and the author of numerous books, including The Second Coming of the New Age (coauthored with Steven Bancarz), The Day the Earth Stands Still (coauthored with Derek P. Gilbert), Unraveling the Multiverse, and Abaddon Ascending (coauthored with bestselling author Tom Horn).

Josh also hosts Josh Peck Disclosure, the number one source for commentary on conservatism, Christianity, and all around common sense! Every day Josh provides his analysis of the top trends and news of the day, plus every week he hosts the full-length JPD Weekly Show.

Josh has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, including The History Channel’s In Search Of with Zachary Quinto, The Hagmann Report, and Coast to Coast AM with George NooryJosh is married to Christina Peck, with whom he has four children.

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