Psalm 18:2 – Power to Overcome any Obstacle

The Daily Devocast brings you daily encouragement from God’s word. Today’s devotional message Power to Overcome any Obstacle is based on Psalm 18:2.

In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.

(New Living Translation, Psalm 18:29)

Do you have an obstacle you just can’t seem to overcome? For me, that obstacle was my weight. By my late 30s, I was stuck at just under 250 pounds, which is an unhealthy weight for me. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to make any lasting progress with weight loss.

Then one December morning that all changed. I was out on my morning run and God began to speak to me about the areas of my life that needed to be set in order. The biggest being my overall health. I agreed with God and prayerfully partnered with Him to make and execute a plan on how to reduce my weight. 2 months later at the end of February, I was 30 pounds lighter.

I was honestly blown away by this experience. This was an obstacle I was unable to overcome my entire adult life and it was only in partnering with God that I was able to achieve the results I longed for. I wholeheartedly believe just as it says in Psalm 18:29, it was God who gave me the strength to climb that wall.

Prayer: Father, we all have obstacles that are holding us back, the things that no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to make any lasting progress. Today we ask for your strength to become real and tangible in our lives. Show us how to partner with you to finally achieve the breakthrough we’ve been hoping for. Amen.

Action Step: Find a quiet place where you can be alone with God for an extended period of time. Get a piece of paper and write down that one obstacle that you just can’t seem to get past, the thing that if you were able to make the progress you desire, it’d be a total game-changer. Pray and wait on God to give you a strategy for partnering with Him overcome this obstacle. When God gives you some next steps, write them down. Begin implementing them immediately. Be sure to track this journey in your journal.

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