Psalm 118:6 – God is Bigger than My Man-Sized Problems

The Daily Devocast brings you daily encouragement from God’s word. Today’s devotional message God is Bigger than My Man-Sized Problems is based on Psalm 118:6.

The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?

(New Living Translation, Psalm 118:6)

When we’re facing difficulties in life, it can be easy to let our minds begin to wander and turn what is actuality a molehill into an entire mountain range. When we give in to fear and start heaping hypothetical problem upon hypothetical problem, we start to lose our perspective about the true size of the challenge before us.

Psalm 118:6 reminds us of the truth that the Lord is for us, so we no longer need to give in to fear. That verse goes even further and asks the all-important question, “What can mere people do to me?” We are the sons and daughters of the creator of the universe. Our man-sized problems are no match for His power, wisdom, and mercy, which are all at work in our lives every single day.

If you find yourself being dragged down today by some man-sized problems, it’s time to invite God into those circumstances and ask Him to shift your perspective.

Prayer: Father, we ask that you’d partner with each of us today to help us overcome the problems that are before us. Show us that you are infinitely bigger than any of the difficulties we face and lead us to the solutions that will turn any place of stress and anxiety into a circumstance filled with your joy and peace. Amen.

Action Step: Are you facing an entire laundry list of problems? Get a piece of paper and write down your five biggest obstacles. Find a quiet place and spend some talking to God about how much bigger He is than any of the obstacles on your list. Ask Him to give you a specific divine solution to each obstacle. Be sure to record God’s responses in your journal.

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