Marketing and Branding in Times of Great Uncertainty (feat. Tim Calkins)

Kellogg School of Management’s Tim Calkins returns to The Shaun Tabatt Show to share some thoughts on effective marketing and branding strategies for times of great uncertainty. In this conversation, Tim offers a 4-step plan for businesses to identify the best way forward, he applauds 3 brands (Sam’s Club, Facebook, & Burger King) who delivered standout campaigns in this season of unprecedented international crisis, and discusses a few of the reasons online personal branding is now more important than ever before.

About Tim Calkins:  Tim Calkins is an award-winning marketing professor, author, consultant, and speaker. He is Clinical Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he teaches Marketing Strategy and Biomedical Marketing. He consults with leading corporations around the world, including Eli Lilly, KraftHeinz, Novartis, and Abbvie. His books include How to Wash a Chicken – Mastering the Business Presentation, Breakthrough Marketing Plans, and Defending Your Brand, which was named 2013 Marketing Book of the Year by Expert Marketer Magazine. Prior to joining Northwestern University, he spent eleven years at Kraft Foods leading brands including Miracle Whip, Taco Bell, and Parkay.

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