Life Updates: My Wife’s Health, New Books, and New Job

In this solo episode of The Shaun Tabatt Show, Shaun shares an update on wife's health, talks about his new book, and talks about life as a Production Manager.

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As life has ramped up to a new level of crazy this past month I’ve had to put podcasting on hold. In this episode, I share a brief update on my wife’s health, talk about Randy Kay’s and my new book that releases in October, and last but not least get into how I’m faring in my new role as Production Manager for Destiny Image and Harrison House. 

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Episode 897: Life Updates: My Wife's Health, New Books, and New Job

Check check mic check 1, 2, 3, 4. Hey, guys. Shaun Tabatt here. Got an update for the podcast. You may have noticed I've been relatively absent from all of my podcasts the past month or so. It's been crazy, crazy busy. So this is going out for The Shaun Tabatt Show. I'm gonna put this out on 2 Christian Dudes and on the Real Near Death Experience Stories podcast just so all my people have an update on what's been going on with my life.

So the title for this episode is update on my wife's health journey, new job, and new books. So update on my wife's health journey, a lot of you who've been following our story. My wife collapsed back on August 10th of this past year and ended up having a brain tumor. We've had 4 surgeries and yada yada yada. And so we're just in the latter stages of that journey. You know, it could be this week or, you know, the next few weeks. We don't really know when it looks like Jesus is gonna call her home to Heaven, but, that is where we're at. Next month, July 10th It'll be 11 months. we've been on this journey.

So, just keep praying for us as we kinda navigate things and just, you know, keep trying to, be strong and and keep moving ahead. If I've learned anything, I've learned to just live in the day that I'm in and really have learned just how close Jesus is in the midst of all this craziness for these circumstances, but definitely definitely keep praying for the family. I have a new book. I'm sure you guys have heard me talk about it on and off, the past several months. It's called Near Death Experiences: 101 Short Stories That Will Help You Understand Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife. That will be releasing in October. It's available for pre-order. Amazon might be the easier place to get it, but wherever great books are sold, you can pick that one up.

I have signed a new contract. I have a book coming out in October 2024. It will also be about near-death experiences. I'm not gonna share a whole lot about that yet, but I will be posting stuff about the writing journey, so look for more on that soon. And then a new job, in the midst of my crazy life season, I certainly was not expecting to take on a new job, but, in God's providence, some of the folks on my team reached out and said, "Hey, we'd like you to consider a new job." So, a few weeks back, I transitioned into working as the Production Manager at Nori Media Group over our Harrison House and Destiny image brands. And so that is a new role for me.

I've done a lot of things in publishing. I've been a Senior Publicist and a Marketing Manager and an Acquisitions and Marketing Publishing Executive, and now I am adding Production Manager to my role of previous hats. So a lot to learn. It's felt like drinking from a fire hose, but I'm having a lot of fun with that. I love project management, and it's been quite a while since I've gotten to do that. And so just enjoying stepping into that, it's nice to have something new to put my brain into as my life feels a little crazy right now with everything that we have going on. So those are my 3 updates. Keep praying for my wife and for our family as we navigate this latter part of my wife's cancer journey. Pray that we'd be able to finish this race really, really well.

Be in prayer for my book, Randy's and my new book launching in October, Near Death Experiences. If you haven't pre-ordered it, head out and preorder your copy today. And, really, our prayer with the book is just that it makes an impact. We've gotten so many testimonies from all over the world of how these books and the related interviews just make an impact and have just really helped people to encounter the Lord and have a hope of Heaven. people have shared with us how they've gotten healed. So many things. So, we'd love your support in launching that new book.

And then really just pray for me as I get deeper into this new job. Like I said, I'm enjoying it. It's a lot of fun, but I just have a lot going on in life. So just prayers for just grace and perspective to keep moving ahead in that as well. So, again, love all you guys. Thanks so much for your support of all the content, all the different podcasts, and various things. But like I said, life's been crazy.

I've been absent from doing a lot of content lately. In the latter part of the summer, I'm hoping things will be a little more settled, and then I will get back into my regular rhythm of podcasting and live streaming and all that. So anyways, love you guys. Thank you. Thank you for all the support. We'll see you all soon.

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