Kevin Zadai – How Would You Live If You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail?

In this episode, I sit down with my good friend Kevin Zadai to discuss his new album Warrior Notes, Vol. 4: Altar Fire and his new book It’s Rigged in Your Favor: How Would You Live If You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail? (Destiny Image, 2020).

About the Book:  How would you live if failure was impossible? All of Heaven is waiting for your answer.

When Kevin Zadai died, he met Christ face to face. In this transformative encounter, Jesus revealed a life-changing truth, and sent him back to share it with every believer:

“You can’t fail because it is all rigged in your favor!”

These simple words will shift your whole perspective on life. When you grasp the depth of all that is being done for you, right now, in the supernatural realm, you will walk in greater confidence and boldness. Even setbacks become opportunities for supernatural advancement!

God believes in complete success for every Christian. He is ready to change the course of your life so that you can become the history-maker he has destined you to be!

When you embrace the fact that it’s “all rigged in your favor,” you will:

  • See accelerated answers to prayer.
  • Remove spiritual blockages hindering mountain-moving faith.
  • Witness God’s redemptive hand in past failures.
  • Overcome all worry, fear, and anxiety.
  • Live out the plans God has written in your heavenly book.

Learn to see things from God’s perspective, and embrace the fullness of this amazing truth: It’s Rigged in your Favor!

Its Rigged in Your Favor - Kevin Zadai

About the Author:  Kevin Zadai, ThD is dedicated to training Christians to live and operate in two realms at once—the supernatural and the natural.  Called to ministry at age 10, he attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, where he received a bachelor’s degree in theology. Later, Kevin received training in missions at Rhema Bible College. At age 31, during a routine surgery, he found himself on the “other side of the veil” with Jesus in a heavenly visitation that forever marked his life. This encounter ushered his ministry into new dimensions of power, activation, and impartation.  Kevin is retired after being employed by Southwest Airlines for 29 years; he and his wife, Kathi, reside in New Orleans, Louisiana, and are ordained by Dr. Jesse and Dr. Cathy Duplantis. Connect with Kevin:

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Warrior Notes, Vol. 4: Altar Fire

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