Is It Too Late to Reclaim America’s Moral Compass? (feat. LTC Robert L. Maginnis)

America finds herself at a moral tipping point, having abandoned much of her original Christian influence. Is there still time for America to reclaim her moral compass or is it too late? Don’t miss this sobering yet hopeful discussion with LTC Robert L. Maginnis about his eye-opening new book Collision Course.

About the Book: Collision Course demonstrates that the United States was founded by Christians seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity a grand experiment that made the common man king. Those new world immigrants brought with them a Christian worldview marked by a robust Protestant work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit that prospered in the wilds of America’s unchartered capitalistic economy that eventually made the European franchise the envy of the world. The backbone of that exceptional success was her Christian foundation that nourished critical institutions family, religion, government, education, and economy. However, as the history of past empires demonstrates, most often the founding ingredients wear thin and now, two and a half centuries later, America finds herself at a moral tipping point having abandoned much of her original Christian influence. Collision Course tracks America s approaching moral tipping point which demands a call for an emergency renewal, a true repentance – to change course in order to avoid being relegated to the dust bin of history and end times irrelevancy.

About the Author:  Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Maginnis graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School, the Command & General Staff College, the Defense Language School and the Army War College’s strategy course. He is an Airborne-Ranger infantry officer with service in four infantry divisions on three continents. In 1993 he served with the Pentagon group that wrote the now-abandoned policy on homosexuals in the military known as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Once retired from the Army he joined the FRC where he rose to be the vice president for policy before returning to the Pentagon 16 years ago. He is currently the vice president for his contracting firm with duties at the Pentagon supervising a team of national security experts and is a security cooperation expert for the Headquarters, Department of the Army as well as instructing a course at the Army War College. Colonel Maginnis has decades of media experience as a columnist, a Fox News military analyst, and as an on-air commentator for multiple radio programs and networks.

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