Holly Beers – A Week In the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman

Holly Beers joins me in this episode to share the unique challenges faced by women in the Greco-Roman world. We discuss infanticide, birth control, marriage, spousal abuse, a woman’s role in a family business, and so much more.

About the Book:  In first-century Ephesus, life is not easy for women.

A young wife meets her daily struggles with equanimity and courage. She holds poverty and hunger at bay, fights to keep her child healthy and strong, and navigates the unpredictability of her husband’s temperament. But into the midst of her daily fears and worries, a new hope appears: a teaching that challenges her society’s most basic assumption. What is this new teaching? And what will it demand of her?

In this gripping novel, Holly Beers introduces us to the first-century setting where the apostle Paul first proclaimed the gospel. Illuminated by historical images and explanatory sidebars, this lively story not only shows us the rich tapestry of life in a thriving Greco-Roman city, it also foregrounds the interior life of one courageous woman—and the radical new freedom the gospel promised her.

A Week In the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman - Holly Beers

About the Author:  Holly Beers (Ph.D., London School of Theology) is associate professor of religious studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. She is the author of The Followers of Jesus as the Servant: Luke’s Model from Isaiah for the Disciples in Luke-Acts.

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