Episode 98: Jonathan Bernis – A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven and Hell [podcast]

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Today I speak with Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International, about his new book A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven and Hell (Chosen Books, 2016).

Here are some of the topics we cover in this interview:

  • Jonathan’s background and conversion story
  • What it means to be a messianic Jew
  • The history of Jewish Voice Ministries International
  • Why Jonathan decided to write a book on the supernatural
  • What does God’s word say about the existence of supernatural beings like angels, demons, and ghosts?
  • Does God heal people today? If so, why isn’t everybody healed?
  • Some of the miracles Jonathan has witnessed over the course of his ministry
  • Jonathan explains how Christians can use the supernatural as a conversation bridge when talking to non-believers.

A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural by Jonathan BernisAbout the Book:  There is a supernatural world–and it’s just as real as our physical one.

Dispelling the confusion, misinformation and doubt so prevalent today, Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis takes you on an adventure into the heart of the supernatural realm. He’ll transport you beyond what you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell to uncover the biblical truth about things like angels and demons, miracles, heaven and hell, good and evil. And he will answer questions such as:

  • Is there more to life than we know–a purpose and plan for our existence?
  • Is there a supernatural realm of angels, demons, seers, prophets, spirits and the like–or is it all in our minds?
  • If God is so powerful, how did the devil get so strong?
  • If God is so good, why do bad things happen?
  • If God is a healer, why are people still sick?
  • Are heaven and hell real or imaginary? Where are they? Who goes where?

Above all, you will discover that you are uniquely wired to live a supernatural existence here and now–and that there is a faithful, loving God who longs for you to embrace with confidence His supernatural work in your own life.

Jonathan BernisAbout the Author:  Jonathan Bernis is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has been active in Messianic Jewish ministry for more than thirty years and who currently serves as president and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI).

JVMI’s mission is two-fold: proclaiming the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the nations (Romans 1:16), and equipping the Church–providing education about the Hebraic roots of Christianity, the Church’s responsibility to Israel and the Jewish People, and keys to effectively and sensitively sharing Messiah with the Jewish People. Jonathan hosts JVMI’s daily television program, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, broadcast to over 575 million homes worldwide through local, cable and satellite networks as well as the Internet.

JVMI also conducts humanitarian/medical outreaches to some of the most impoverished Jewish communities on earth, including regular outreaches in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other points of need around the world. JVMI also ministers through large-scale international festivals of Jewish music and dance.

Jonathan is the author of several books, including A Hope and A Future, A Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife, A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days and A Rabbi Looks at Jesus of Nazareth. Jonathan and his wife, Elisangela, reside in Phoenix, Arizona, with their two daughters.

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