Episode 86: Bruce Ashford – How should Christians vote? [podcast]

Bruce Ashford returns to discuss the current state of American politics and help us answer the question of how Christians should cast their vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode Bruce Ashford returns to discuss the current state of American politics and help us answer the question of how Christians should cast their vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Here’s some of the ground we cover during our conversation:

  • How involved were you politically before writing One Nation Under God?
  • Were you surprised to see Donald Trump emerge from the primaries as the nominee for the Republican Party?
  • How have the political discussions shifted after Clinton and Trump emerged as the nominees for their respective parties?
  • We’ve seen a lot of Christian leaders move back and forth between supporting Trump and not supporting Trump. Why can’t they decide where to hang their hat?
  • The media this election season has been filled with mudslinging, scandal, and controversy, but it seems the traditional topics we normally see in discussion at this stage of the election have gone silent. What issues are you surprised at, that we’re no longer discussing a week out from the election?
  • So many of us have grown up in America during a very prosperous time and we’ve watched the slow decline of our culture over the past few decades. For many Western Christians, we’re having to face a small level of persecution for the very first time. How should we respond to that?
  • Regardless of which candidate wins, what does the landscape look like for Christians here in America after this election?
  • If we were able to give you a digital soapbox and project you to every polling location across the country, what final words would you share with voters as they’re about to go in and cast their vote?

Bruce AshfordAbout Today’s Guest:  Bruce Riley Ashford is Provost / Dean of the Faculty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he also serves as Professor of Theology and Culture. He is a Fellow in Theology at the St. George’s Center for Biblical and Public Theology (Ontario, Canada) and a Research Fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

He is the co-author of One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics (B&H, 2015), the author of Every Square Inch: An Introduction to Cultural Engagement for Christians (Lexham, 2015), and the editor of Theology and Practice of Mission (B&H, 2011). His forthcoming books are I Am Going: To the Nations and In the Streets (B&H, Summer 2017), The Problem with American Politics (Fall 2017), The Doctrine of Creation (IVP, Spring 2017), and For the King: One Story, One Gospel, One Mission (Baker, Fall 2017).

He has appeared on the Eric Metaxas Show, the Pat Williams Show, In the Market with Janet Parshall, Janet Mefferd Today, Chris Fabry Live!, and other nationally syndicated shows. His writing has been featured by Fox News, First Things Magazine, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, Canon & Culture, and other national outlets.

His research interests include theology and culture, public theology, theology of mission, theological method, and contemporary theology. He is married to Lauren, with whom he has two daughters (Riley Noelle, Anna Katherine) and a son (John Paul Kuyper). He is an elder at The Summit Church (Raleigh-Durham, NC).

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