In this episode, Shaun speaks with worship leader Daryl Boyer about his album The Cleansing: A New Creation, A New Identity, A Brand New Day.

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode, I speak with worship leader Daryl Boyer about his album The Cleansing: A New Creation, A New Identity, A Brand New Day.

Daryl BoyerAbout Daryl Boyer:
Daryl grew up spending most of his life in Jackson, Michigan and is currently living In Ocean City, New Jersey with his wife and 3 daughters. Daryl grew up loving all things music, and quickly realized that music centered around worship to Jesus was an even greater experience. Daryl was an active part of his church and youth group growing up and went on to attend Spring arbor University to study music ministry and education. It was during this time Daryl had his first opportunities ministering on a larger scale while leading two different music groups at various churches and concert venues as they traveled around playing music and talking about the Lord. During this time he was able to really gain his deepest insight into the love of God and really begin to see how important his role was in music to help bridge that gap in the worship experience as an instrument of God. “There is something beyond words within the collective worship experience when a room full of people seeking the Lord are singing at the top of there lungs pouring out their hearts as one. ” There is something amazing about a church congregation choosing to step out and make a vow before God that they want more, they want to go deeper.

As Daryl continued to recognize his calling to connect people to God in a deeper experience through music and teaching, he was led to step out into various positions over the span of the last 16 years ranging from Youth Pastor to Worship Director. Along with continuing to serve within various church callings, Daryl has maintained his songwriting and desire to bring uplifting music to people across the world through various recordings and concerts. Along with the music, God has led Daryl’s pursuit to now intertwine intense worship with a teaching focus that will draw our churches back to a sold out, on fire form of Christianity. The aim of Daryl’s worship and targeted teaching focus, is to relight a fire for the move of the Holy Spirit in our daily walk. We must learn to yield to the Holy Spirit living in us to be empowered to walk in the power and Authority God intended us to. “God wants for us to walk tall, Drink deep from the flow of the Spirit, press in with unshakable faith, and be fully filled up in Him. In Christ we can shine brightly like the sun piercing through the darkness. We can be strong and bold,and full of Godly flavor in a world that is watered down. The world is thirsting for the flow of the Lord to make them new and flood there hearts with love and truth.” (Daryl Boyer)

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