In this episode, Shaun speaks with Robby Dawkins about his book Identity Thief: Exposing Satan's Plan to Steal Your Purpose, Passion and Power (Chosen Books, 2015).

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Today I speak with Robby Dawkins about his book Identity Thief: Exposing Satan’s Plan to Steal Your Purpose, Passion and Power (Chosen Books, 2015).

In this interview we discuss the following:

  • Brief introduction to who Robby is and his ministry.
  • Robby shares a few personal and ministry highlights from 2015.
  • Who is the identity thief?
  • Robby had some demonic experiences in his childhood. He shares about how the identity thief was at work, even before he was born.
  • Robby and Angie faced many difficult situations in the church and in ministry. However, rather than being jaded or anti-church, they’re continuing to serve the church and are doing ministry all these years later. Robby explains how God has used those circumstances to prepare them for the season they’re in right now.
  • How does the identity thief use fear?
  • Can the Identity Thief attack not only individuals, but also churches and institutions?
  • How will God use Identity Thief to challenge and impact readers?
  • Where can people go on the web to find out more about Robby’s ministry and his books?

Identity Thief by Robby DawkinsAbout the Book:
Since the Garden of Eden, our true identities have been hacked–stolen and reprogrammed by Satan.

We were made for great things . . . but we live as though we’re powerless. We were made in the image of a limitless God . . . but we walk through our daily lives as though we’re inadequate.

God has an amazing plan for us. And the enemy is short-circuiting it.

When we don’t recognize who we really are, we limit God. But when we grasp the truth of who we are in Christ, we can walk with authority into the realm of power reserved for each of God’s children. We can heal the sick, cast out demons and deliver the captives.

We can see miracles and make a lasting impact for the Kingdom.

Don’t settle for the glass ceiling constructed from the enemy’s lies. Break through it. Exchange fear and doubt for a life of radical possibility.

Reclaim your true identity . . . and change the world.

Robby DawkinsAbout the Author:
Robby Dawkins travels extensively as an itinerant minister, writer and speaker, crossing denominational lines to equip believers in power evangelism. He’s spoken in more than 45 countries, including some of the most dangerous nations, and has been featured in numerous documentaries and media outlets. He and his wife, Angie, have six sons and live outside the Chicago area.

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Question:  Has the identity thief been at work in your life? Tell us how and how God has seen you through it.

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