Episode 298: Sean Feucht – Why I’m Running for Congress [podcast]

Many were surprised when worship artist Sean Feucht announced that he’s running for Congress. In this interview, we discuss why he decided to run for office, his vision for the future of America, and how his experiences position him as an excellent candidate to represent the great state of California. To find out more and show your support for Sean’s campaign, visit SeanForUS.com.

Sean Feucht - Why Im Running for Congress - 298

About Sean Feucht:  Sean Feucht’s (FOYT) life journey has been to serve people with a message of hope and faith and to ignite a passion for making the world better. You might think that running for Congress might be an odd path for a man who doesn’t even own a suit. But that’s the kind of man Sean Feucht is, one who steps up to make a difference and bring hope when he is called upon. Sean Feucht is the opposite of a typical politician, he is a man of action, who has found success as a musician producing and releasing twenty albums, a missionary, a business owner and an author of five books. Sean has founded three non-profit organizations that make a difference and bring hope to some of the most oppressed and strife-torn regions of the globe. Sean has brought his message of hope to the Yazidi people of Iraq, and the slum children of India as well as more than fifty other nations.

Sean was born and spent his early life in Montana and went to high school in the Virginia Beach, VA area where he excelled academically and in sports including playing quarterback for his high school football team. It’s in high school where he met the love of his life and wife, Kate.

Sean and Kate are the devoted parents to four amazing children and make their home here in Northern California. He graduated from Oral Roberts University where he majored in Business with a minor in Music.

Sean is not looking for a new job, he has plenty of those. But Sean is determined to bring Hope, Inspiration, and Change to politics before it’s too late.

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