Episode 206: Sarah Bowling – Saving Moses – Saving Babies Every Day [podcast]

I’m excited to share this conversation with my friend Sarah Bowling about her life-changing ministry Saving Moses, that gives hope and help to moms and babies in some of the darkest and poorest places on the planet.

About the Ministry:  In 2009, Sarah Bowling traveled to Ethiopia where she found two baby girls, Sarah and Ruth, abandoned in a field. She brought them to an orphanage, hoping to find a safe home for the babies.

The orphanage refused to care for the twin baby girls. Nobody would love and care for these babies. If Sarah hadn’t intervened, they would have been left for dead in the field.

Sarah found that many organizations and orphanages simply cannot afford to care for babies. This age group requires so many more resources and individualized attention than older children that most orphanages are forced to refuse care to babies.

And Saving Moses was born. We are passionate about saving the most helpless and vulnerable population: babies.

About Sarah:  Sarah Bowling is a Bible teacher, international speaker, author and pastor. She co-hosts a daily television program with her mom, the esteemed Marilyn Hickey, and founded the international nonprofit Saving Moses to provide resources for children in need. Sarah and her husband, Reece, co-pastor Encounter Church in Denver, where they live with their three children.

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