Episode 195: Sue Badeau – Are We There Yet?: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids! [podcast]

Back in 2013 I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sue Badeau at ICRS 2013 and talking about her book Are We There Yet?: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids!.

In the interview we discuss Sue and Hector’s amazing journey of parenthood and the many blessings and challenges that come with grafting foster children and special needs children into your family. We also discuss some of the ways the church can support and encourage the families in their congregation who have a calling to foster care and adoption.

This episode is pulled from the Author Talks with Shaun Tabatt archives.

About the Book:  “Come along with Hector and Sue Badeau on their ultimate road trip – adopting and raising 22 children, from diverse backgrounds with many special needs. Like any road trip, their story has twists and turns, detours and surprises. You’ll be inspired, laugh out loud and shed tears as you share their experiences in foster care and adoption, coping with teenage pregnancies, addictions, unimaginable accomplishments and raw moments of grief after the untimely deaths of three beloved sons. “Are We There Yet” is an entertaining story which also imparts nuggets of parenting wisdom for any parent or grandparent. It is packed with spiritual truths and life lessons for teachers, social workers, pastors and others who care about vulnerable children and families in our world today.

Sue and Hector Badeau

About the Author:  Susan Badeau (Sue) writes and speaks extensively on topics related to children, particularly those with special needs and is a frequent and passionate keynote speaker and workshop leader at state, regional and national conferences. Sue and her husband, Hector, are the lifetime parents of twenty-two children, two by birth and twenty adopted (three, with terminal illnesses, are now deceased). They have also served as foster parents for more than 50 children in three states, and as a host family for refugee youth from Sudan, Kosovo and Guatemala.

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