Episode 184: Barry Ham – Living on Purpose: Knowing God’s Design for Your Life [podcast]

It’s time to get your life on track in 2018 and beyond. You don’t want to miss this talk with Dr. Barry Ham about his brand new book Living on Purpose: Knowing God’s Design for Your Life.

About the Book:  Your life was meant to be an adventure!

For many, searching for their life’s purpose is a frustrating and fruitless pursuit. But don’t despair! You were created to live a significant life!

With wisdom and care, author, counselor, and therapist, Dr. Barry Ham leads you to the key that unlocks a life of meaning: knowing and fulfilling the will of God.

If you have ever doubted your life’s worth, floundered in search of direction, or been burdened by a feeling of insignificance, the insights within these pages will lead you to the confidence that comes with finding your purpose in God’s faithful hands.

In this book, discover…

  • Validation: it is both normal and healthy to ponder the meaning of life.
  • Encouragement: the purpose of your life is clear and knowable.
  • Fulfillment: the blessings of following God’s will are within your reach.
  • Transformation: discovering your purpose positively impacts every sphere of life discovering your purpose positively impacts every sphere of life.
  • Adventure: embark on the thrilling journey that God created your life to be.

Conquer discouragement and confusion. Begin the adventure of following God’s will today!

Barry Ham and Shaun Tabatt - Living on Purpose AACC 2017
Barry and Shaun at AACC 2017 in Nashville, TN

About the Author:  Barry D. Ham, Ph.D. is a college professor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and an author and speaker. He received an MS in Psychology from Abilene Christian University, followed by a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from California State University. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Southern California University. He lives in the Colorado Springs area with his wife, and their two Goldendoodles. He and his wife have grown children, and their families, who live inside and outside of Colorado.

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