Episode 160: Keith Ferrin – Bible Praying for Parents [podcast]

Keith Ferrin is a coach, storyteller, and author. In this interview we talk about his new book (Bible Praying for Parents), traditional vs. self-publishing. building your platform, book marketing, serving your audience before asking for favors, effective communication, and his brand new online course.

Bible Praying for Parents by Keith FerrinAbout the Book:  As parents, we want to pray for our kids. We know we should pray for them. And yet, our prayers often feel repetitive. Or we wonder if they’re making a difference. So then, how do we know what to pray? How do we know we are praying in line with God’s will? How do we know we are covering every aspect of their lives (rather than only what’s urgent at the moment)?

The answer is Bible Praying.

We know the Bible is in line with God’s will. We know it is the God-breathed Word. We know it covers every aspect of life.

This book is a parent’s guide to Bible Praying.

Section One: 365 Daily Prayers. The prayers are the actual words of Scripture, with the reference, category, and focus. Insert your child’s name as you pray the Bible for and over your child.

Section Two: Bible Praying by Category.All the prayers from each category laid out together. Pray multiple Bible Prayers for Anxiety, Friendships, Temptations, Relationships, etc.

Section Three: Bible Blessings. Blessings straight from God’s Word. Say them to your kids. Pray them over your kids. Remind them of who they are and whose they are.

“Do you ever feel like you pray the same things, over and over for your kids? If we are honest, our prayers can become repetitive, robotic, and even shallow. Bible Praying for Parents immediately accelerated and deepened my prayers for my family. Every day, this book will give you a power-packed prayer from the Bible. This book is perfect for every parent (like me) who feels inadequate and insecure in prayer.” Dr. Rob Rienow – Visionary Family Ministries

Keith FerrinAbout the Author:  Keith Ferrin is a husband and father of three. He is the author of several books and speaks at conferences, churches, and schools around the U.S. and internationally.

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