Episode 153: Sharon Gilbert – Blood Lies – The Redwing Saga Book 1 [podcast]

SkyWatch TV's Sharon Gilbert joins me on The Shaun Tabatt Show to discuss her new book Blood Lies, book #1 in The Redwing Saga.

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! In this episode I speak with Sharon Gilbert about her latest book Blood Lies, book #1 in The Redwing Saga.

Here’s are the questions Sharon and I discuss in this interview:

  • First off Sharon, let’s help the listeners get to know you a bit better. Give us a few of the highlights in the Sharon K. Gilbert origin story. (00:38 – 02:15)
  • Now you’ve worked on both fiction and nonfiction books. What are some of the freedoms or advantages you find in writing fiction. (02:16 – 03:34)
  • Next let’s get into the story behind the book. How did the ideas behind Blood Lies and The Redwing Saga first begin to take shape for you? (03:35 – 05:32)
  • Set the stage for the listeners, when and where does Blood Lies take place. (5:33 – 07:29)
  • You weave a blend of both real historical and fictitious people into Blood Lies. Introduce us a few of the key characters we’re going to meet in the book. (07:30 – 11:32)
  • The Ripper murders are a key part of the Blood Lies story. What are some of the surprising things you learned while researching Jack the Ripper? (11:33 – 13:35)
  • You’ve already mentioned that there’s a spiritual warfare theme in the book. Give the listeners a sense of some of the ways the supernatural breaks into the natural in your story. (13:36 – 15:37)
  • Sharon, as you think of readers getting to the final page of Blood Lies, how do you hope they’ve been impacted by your story? (15:38 – 16:36)
  • What’s next in the The Redwing Saga series? (16:37 – 17:47)
  • Sharon, I know the listeners are going to want to find out more, so tell us where we can connect with you online and get our own copy of Blood Lies? (17:48 – 21:19)

Blood Lies by Sharon K. Gilbert

About the Book:  The Ripper murders did not begin in 1888, but in March of 1879, when a beautiful woman is found slain and dismembered on Commercial Street in Spitalfields, London. When detectives arrive, they find not only the broken body of the victim, but a child who remembers nothing of who she is or how she came to be at the scene. Because the little girl has no known home, a gentle-hearted detective inspector named Charles St. Clair takes her to his home, and from that point on, his life will never be the same. Over the course of the next ten years, he’ll learn not only all about the girl but also about himself. And St. Clair will learn the truth about a supernatural battle that has been raging across England for four hundred years.The Redwing Saga presents an alternative telling of history, pulling back the veil of secrecy put into place by those who would deceive and destroy. Geopolitics, criminal investigation, and science merge with secret societies, angelic warfare, and human free will. Book One of the series, Blood Lies, introduces the characters—both human and non-human—as well as their backstories, and it starts us on a journey that will eventually lead from Whitechapel to World War.

Sharon K. Gilbert

About the Author:  Science, writing, opera, and geopolitics are just a few of the many ‘hats’ worn by Sharon K. Gilbert. She has been married to SkyWatchTV host and fellow writer Derek P. Gilbert for nearly twenty years, and during that time, helped to raise a brilliant and beautiful stepdaughter, Nicole Gilbert. The Gilberts have shared their talents and insights for over a decade with the pioneering Christian podcasts, PID Radio, Gilbert House Fellowship, and View from the Bunker. In addition to co-hosting SkyWatchTV’s flagship interview program and SciFriday each week, Sharon also hosts SkyWatch Women and SkyWatch Women One-on-One. She and Derek speak several times each year at conferences, where they love to discuss news and prophecy with viewers, listeners, and readers. Sharon’s been following and studying Bible prophecy for over fifty years, and she often says that she’s only scratched the surface. When not immersed in study, a writing project, or scouring the Internet for the latest science news, you can usually find her relaxing in the garden with their faithful hound, Sam T. Dachshund.

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