Episode 148: Peter Greer – Created to Flourish: How Employment-Based Solutions Help Eradicate Poverty [podcast]

Peter Greer visits The Shaun Tabatt Show to share about his and Phil Smith's book Created to Flourish: How Employment-Based Solutions Help Eradicate Poverty.

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Today I speak with Peter Greer about his and Phil Smith’s book Created to Flourish: How Employment-Based Solutions Help Eradicate Poverty.

Here’s the ground we cover in this conversation:

  • Peter, you and I have had a chance to get to know each other through my work with Bethany House, but I know that you’re going to be new to many of my listeners, so take a few minutes to fill them in on the Peter Greer origin story. (00:34 – 02:47)
  • You serve as President and CEO for Hope International, tell us about the mission of your organization and how your work literally changes lives all over the world. (02:48 – 7:08)
  • Every book project has its own unique journey with a backstory. How did the ideas behind Created to Flourish get their start? (7:09 – 9:26)
  • You had the privilege of revisiting and updating the message of Created to Flourish. What did you learn in that process and what is different about you this time around? (9:27 – 12:11)
  • What do people really need to know when they’re thinking about the state of poverty in the world. (12:12 – 14:57)
  • How has the church tended to respond to poverty and what might we consider doing differently? I like the phrase you use about giving a hand up, not a hand out. (14:58 – 19:23)
  • Talk to us about how we can get involved, both as individuals and also as members of churches and other large organizations. (19:24 – 21:10)
  • If readers only take away one thing from reading this book, what do you hope that is? (21:11 – 21:55)
  • Tell us about a few of your other books. (21:56 – 25:07)
  • Peter, if the listeners want to find out more about Hope International and get a free copy of Created to Flourish, where should they go on the web? (25:08 – 25:37)

Shaun Tabatt interviewing Peter Greer about Created to Flourish

About the Book:  This eminently practical book by two leading experts on poverty alleviation offers a clear plan to help Christ-followers translate their compassion into thoughtful action. Authors Peter Greer and Phil Smith draw on their personal experiences to discuss proven solutions for effectively alleviating poverty. Created to Flourish examines the pitfalls of traditional approaches and outlines a new model of economic development aimed at breaking the cycle of dependency. Through discipleship-based savings groups and small loans, families in poverty are employing their God-given talents to provide for their families and serve their communities. With photographs showcasing the dignity of clients from around the HOPE International network, this book provides straightforward guidance for individuals and groups eager to carry God’s justice, mercy, and compassion throughout the world.

Get your free digital copy of Created to Flourish: How Employment-Based Solutions Help Eradicate Poverty at HopeInternational.org/book.

Shaun Tabatt and Peter Greer

About the Author:  Peter Greer is president and CEO of HOPE International, a global nonprofit focused on addressing both physical and spiritual poverty through microfinance. He has a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School. Peter is the coauthor of The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good, Mission Drift, and six other books. He speaks at conferences, including Catalyst and Passion, and has been featured by media outlets such as CNN, Christianity Today, and World. Peter lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Laurel, and three children.

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