Episode 146: Leonard Sweet – Mother Tongue: How Our Heritage Shapes Our Story [podcast]

Leonard Sweet returns to The Shaun Tabatt Show to share about his brand new book Mother Tongue: How Our Heritage Shapes Our Story (NavPress, 2017).

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Leonard Sweet returns to the program today to share about his brand new book Mother Tongue: How Our Heritage Shapes Our Story (NavPress, 2017).

Here’s the ground we cover in this conversation:

  • Let’s begin with the story behind the book. What prompted you to want to write on this topic? (00:37 – 02:01)
  • Was there anything that stood out as either unique or particularly challenging about the experience and journey of writing this book? (02:02 – 03:07)
  • Give us a bit of context. What are a few of the key things we need to know about your mother? (03:08 – 07:30)
  • You selected “artefacts from” your “memory box” to help tell your mother’s story. Can you give us an example of one of these items and tell us why that item is meaningful? (07:31 – 10:26)
  • What do you consider your mother’s biggest challenges and greatest accomplishments in life? (10:27 – 12:33)
  • You explain your home as a “religious community.” Please elaborate on what made it so and how that impacted you. (12:34 – 16:19)
  • You say in your book that “Home is where your books are.” How did reading and books shape you? (16:20 – 18:30)
  • Your mother advised you, “that if your mission can be completed in your lifetime, it isn’t a big enough dream”. How have these words motivated and inspired you? (18:31 – 21:24)
  • When you think of readers getting to that final page of Mother Tongue, what do you most hope each of them takes away from reading your book? (21:25 – 23:39)
  • Leonard, if the listeners want to find out more about you and more about your books, where should they go on the web? (23:40 – 24:04)

Shaun Tabatt interviewing Leonard Sweet

About the Book:  Most people know Leonard Sweet, one of the world’s most influential evangelicals, as a sharp cultural critic who helps us see how to get in front of the future rather than be bowled over by it. One of his greatest influences was his mother, a groundbreaking (and sometimes controversial) minister who defied convention while honoring tradition. In this exceptionally personal work, Len Sweet opens his mother’s memory box, and in the process he helps us all embrace the future with confidence while tethering us to a faith that transcends time. Through Len’s experience, we all will better understand and process how our own heritage affects our legacy.

An ideal resource for mothers, adult children, and families seeking resources to set up their kids to flourish.

About the Author:  Leonard Sweet is a popular global speaker and prolific author, and he holds professorships at George Fox University, Drew University, and Tabor College. His daily social media postings have made him one of the most influential Christians in the US and around the world. Leonard is also the premier writer and owner of the fast-growing, innovative preaching resource preachthestory.com and has published more than 1,500 sermons.

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