Episode 123: Charlotte Dively – Enigma: God’s Voice In Prophetic Art [podcast]

Charlotte Dively stops by The Shaun Tabatt Show today to share about her new book Enigma: God's Voice In Prophetic Art.

Welcome to The Shaun Tabatt Show! Charlotte Dively stops by the podcast today to share about her new book Enigma: God’s Voice In Prophetic Art.

Here’s the ground we cover in today’s interview:

  • For the benefit of those in our audience who may not yet be familiar with prophetic art, what is it and what is it’s purpose? (00:33 – 01:25)
  • Next let’s get into the story behind your book. Why did you write Enigma, and what will it equip people to do? (01:27 – 02:54
  • I always tell people that I draw disproportionate Stick figures, so art is not my first choice for expressing myself, so I’m curious, can anybody do Prophetic Art or do you have to be an artist, or a creative person? (02:55 – 05:01)
  • What steps do you take to train people in the process of doing Prophetic Art through both your book and in your classes? (05:02 – 07:32)
  • Charlotte, share about your personal journey of discovering prophetic art. (07:33 – 09:07)
  • Talk a little about “God’s Decoding Devices” that you mention in the book. (09:08 – 13:51)
  • Why do you think God uses symbols to speak to his people? What are some common symbols he uses, and what do they mean? (13:52 – 16:31)
  • Can you tell us a story or two about how doing Prophetic Art has impacted one of your students, churches, or classes you have taught? How has God used it to touch people’s lives, speak to them and minister to them? (16:32 – 18:22)
  • How would you like to see every reader impacted by your book? (18:23 – 20:08)
  • Charlotte, if the listeners want to connect with you and find out more about your book, where should they go on the web? (20:09 – 21:20)

About the Book:  This beautiful book, designed to help you begin to recognize God’s Loving Voice in your art created from dreams, visions, worship, & supernatural experiences will explode into color on the canvas of your heart! You will learn the way He speaks to you as you experience God and express it creatively through your unique art. Twenty one Secret Decoding Devices ignite the fire of God in your spirit and set you on course into your destiny like a rocket. You’ll discover hidden mysteries of how miracle moments unlock the secrets of Heaven as your portal of communication is ignited by the Holy Spirit of God. The Author’s paintings and Vision Sketches testify with amazing examples of God’s Voice you will understand. Together, you will embark upon an extraordinary journey with God [His Greatest Show On Earth] that speaks of His amazing wonders! Discover how to break through and launch your Hope Ship [business-ministry] that will carry the glory of God upon your art with great splendor. Now, let’s get started!

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