The NDE Conspiracy: Can We Trust Eyewitness Accounts of Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife?

What Really Awaits Us Beyond the Veil?

You’ve read the amazing accounts and heard the incredible interviews of people who’ve died, experienced the afterlife, and come back to tell about it―but can you actually believe them?

As one of the most trusted Christian voices in the NDE space, bestselling author and podcaster Shaun Tabatt has spent years researching and investigating testimonies of near-death experiences throughout history. His interviews with survivors have been heard by millions around the world, and what he’s found will fundamentally change the way you think about afterlife accounts.

In this astonishing, eye-opening book, Shaun reveals the truths, the lies, and the ugly sides of NDE accounts, empowering you to discern what’s trustworthy, disprove what’s dangerous, and confidently know what awaits you on the other side.

Full of never-before-published testimonies of heaven and hell, penetrating research, notable stories and documentation throughout history, and real-world wisdom, this vital, accessible book turns a critical eye on afterlife accounts and the NDE industry, helping you:

  • Stay grounded in biblical truth and a biblical worldview.
  • Understand the 9-point NDE framework and standard terminology.
  • Separate the truth from the lies in NDE and afterlife descriptions.
  • Expose perilous pitfalls, such as psychics, mediums, aliens, spirits, and memories of past lives.
  • Share the true hope of the afterlife with others.

Don’t fall for false witnesses or half-truths. What lies beyond the veil is more amazing than you can imagine―it’s time to discover the truth for yourself!

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Near Death Experiences: 101 Short Stories That Will Help You Understand Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife

If you have ever been curious about life beyond the grave, if you’ve ever doubted whether Heaven really exists, Near Death Experiences is the powerful testimony of life beyond the veil that you’ve been waiting for.

In Near Death Experiences, Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt have collected fascinating stories of near-death experiences and afterlife encounters from ordinary people who have visited Heaven. Each of these brief accounts paints a clear picture of what heaven is really like and the radical life-changing experiences from those who have stood in the presence of Jesus.

These supernatural accounts of the afterlife will:

  • Confront misconceptions about God and Heaven
  • Impart the healing love of the Father
  • Offer a heavenly perspective on earthly trials
  • Bestow hope to those grieving the loss of loved ones
  • Portray the activity of Heaven and its direct effect on your daily life

Don’t spend another day in confusion or uncertainty. In Near Death Experiences, you will find the afterlife answers, Heavenly hope, and eternal encouragement that you have been seeking.

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Stories of Heaven and the Afterlife: Firsthand Accounts of Real Near-Death Experiences

All of us long to know with absolute certainty what happens after we die. Popular authors and podcasters Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt are on a mission to have pointed conversations with people who died and spent time on the other side.

Randy and Shaun personally selected these firsthand accounts of the afterlife from the most popular episodes of their 2 Christian Dudes podcast. These conversations include:

  • Ian McCormack – Stung By 5 Jellyfish and Encountered Jesus in Heaven
  • Bryan Melvin – Died from Cholera and Encountered Adolph Hitler in Hell
  • Heidi Barr – Crushed in a Horse-Riding Accident and Encountered Jesus in Heaven
  • Messianic Rabbi Felix Halpern – Died and Encountered the Fire of God’s Glory in Heaven’s Throne Room

Each of these encounters will leave you hungry to discover more of the God who is actively engaged in every moment of your life, both now and throughout eternity!

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Real Near Death Experience Stories: True Accounts of Those Who Died and Experienced Immortality

What comes to mind when you think about Heaven? No matter what your perspective, the stories in this book will forever change your understanding of the afterlife. Each person included has a powerful testimony of a near-death experience where they unexpectedly visited Heaven.

As you read these firsthand accounts of life on the other side of the veil, you will receive:

  • Strengthening of your faith
  • Answers to questions about Heaven
  • An impartation of hope
  • Revelation of the Father’s love

Each of these life-changing encounters will leave you hungry to discover more of the God who is actively engaged in every moment of your life, both now and through all eternity!

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