8 Mistakes Christians Can’t Afford to Make Right Now (feat. Robert Hotchkin)

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It’s an honor to welcome my friend Robert Hotchkin back to the broadcast to share a message that has been burning in his heart in this season about the eight mistakes Christians can’t afford to make right now if we want to see Kingdom reformation come forth. It’s a powerful word. Don’t miss it!

About the Author:  Robert Hotchkin is a speaker, author, media host, and one of the core leaders of Patricia King Ministries. He believes fervently that every Christian is a miracle-working explosion of God’s kingdom waiting to happen. His preaching and teaching inspire believers to walk the earth as Jesus did. Robert’s passion is contagious, and he ministers with strong faith, releasing revelation, prophetic decrees, healings, miracles, and the love of God. He and his wife live in Maricopa, Arizona.

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