Episode 300: Jefferson Bethke – To Hell with the Hustle [podcast]

I’m excited to welcome New York Times bestselling author and popular YouTuber Jefferson Bethke back to the show. This time around we discuss his book To Hell with the Hustle, where he invites readers to resist our hustle culture and embrace a life marked with the slow pace modeled by Jesus.

About the Book:  Our culture makes constant demands of us: Do more. Accomplish more. Buy more. Post more. Be more.

In following these demands, we have indeed become more: More anxious. More tired. More hurt. More depressed. More frantic.

What we are doing isn’t working!

In a society where hustle is the expectation, busyness is the norm and information is king, we have forgotten the fundamentals that make us human, anchor our lives, and provide meaning.

Jefferson Bethke, New York Times bestselling author and popular YouTuber, has lived the hustle and knows we need to stop doing and start becoming.   

After reading this book, you will discover:

  • How to proactively set boundaries in your life
  • How to get comfortable with obscurity
  • The best way to push back against the demands of contemporary life
  • The importance of embracing silence and solitude
  • How to handle the stressors that life throws at us

To Hell With the Hustle is for anyone who is

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the demands of work, family and community
  • Wanting to connect and spend time with their family.
  • Tired of being anxious, lonely, and burned out

Join Bethke as he discovers that the very things the world teaches us to avoid at all costs–silence, obscurity, solitude, and vulnerability–are the very things that can give us the meaning, and the richness we are truly looking for.

308 - Jefferson Bethke - To Hell with the Hustle

About Jefferson Bethke:  Jefferson Bethke is the New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion and It’s Not What You Think. He and his wife, Alyssa, host The Real Life Podcast each week and make YouTube videos that are watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers each month. They also co-founded Family Teams, an online initiative that helps families live out God’s design by equipping and encouraging them to build a multi-generational team on mission (in all of its different expressions). They live in Maui with their daughter, Kinsley; son, Kannon; new baby girl, Lucy; and dog, Aslan. To say hi or to learn more, go to JeffAndAlyssa.com.

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